The Sweep of Chickasaw History

As told by Larry Otis

Former Tupelo Mayor Larry Otis describes the Chickasaw Nation's interest in having people discover the vibrant history of the Chickasaw Nation, both before Removal from their homelands east of the Mississippi and afterward in Indian Territory. Only the full sweep of recorded history — from de Soto to today — fully illustrates the journey, the struggle and today's remarkable renaissance. Across centuries, people see exceptional character of the unconquerable Chickasaw Nation.


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Self-Governance, Great Leadership

Neal McCaleb, Ambassador At-Large, Chickasaw Nation
Neal McCaleb talks about how sovereignty has become a reality in a short period of time, and how the Chickasaws have taken control of their destiny.

Governor's Vision: A Fine Arts Focus

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick describes Governor Anoatubby's vision to focus on and foster the fine arts.

Governor's Vision of Arts and Humanities

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick shares Governor Anoatubby's arts and humanities vision, which planted the seeds of the Chickasaw renaissance.

First Election in Indian Territory

Jeannie Barbour
Jeannie Barbour cites the momentous election at Pennington Creek, now a landmark in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Governor Bill Anoatubby's Vision

Andrea Horner
Strong, visionary leadership in Governor Bill Anoatubby has been key to the Chickasaw Nation's progressive business growth.

Progressive Leadership with a Mission

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
Strong leadership and vision have paved the road to success for the Chickasaw Nation.