The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center

Valerie Walters, Executive Officer, Chickasaw Cultural Center

Valerie Walters, Chickasaw Cultural Center Executive Officer, describes how the Chikasha Poya ("we are Chickasaw") Exhibit Center is a state-of-the-art interactive experience that features the Spirit Forest, Removal Corridor, Giant Tribal Dance hologram, hands-on exhibits, and the Elders Gallery that immerse you in the Chickasaw story. It contains both permanent and rotating collections and hosts classes, lessons and special events throughout the year.


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The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Amphitheater

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
The Kochcha' Aabiniili ("outdoor seating") Amphitheater is in the heart of the campus.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Aaimpa' Café

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
The Aaimpa' ("a place to eat") Café serves traditional Chickasaw dishes.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Honor Garden

Valorie Walters, Executive Officer, Chickasaw Cultural Center
The Aaholiitobli' Honor Garden is a serene oasis that pays homage to the elders, warriors, and leaders of the Chickasaw Nation throughout history.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center: The Anoli' Theater

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
The 350-seat Anoli' ("stories") Theater features a 2,700-square-foot screen, comfortable seats, and showcases Chickasaw films.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Traditional Village

Michael Cornelius, Cultural Activities Manager, Chickasaw Cultural Center
The Chikasha Inchokka Traditional Village is a unique recreation of a customary Chickasaw village made from native woods and river cane.

Chikasha Saya

The Chickasaw Nation
The language of our ancestors is an enduring piece of our Chickasaw culture, spanning generations and binding us together as a people.