Senior Artist Workshop

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Learning to express yourself through art is healthy and fulfilling at any age, and Chickasaw Nation senior centers across Oklahoma make this opportunity available to Chickasaw elders of all experience levels. The workshops provide elders with a creative outlet and a time to be social and learn new techniques. The classes are headed by experienced art instructors who love being able to give back to their communities; all materials are provided, so the elders only need to show up. A wide range of mediums are available based upon what participants show interest in, and the skills imparted help to pass along Chickasaw identity to future generations. To learn more about the senior art workshops available in your area, visit


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About Elders Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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Laura Stewart, Executive Officer of the Division of Arts and Humanities
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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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