Arts and Humanities Workshops

Laura Stewart, Executive Officer of the Division of Arts and Humanities

Arts have been at the center of Chickasaw culture for generations. Today, the creative tradition continues through workshops offered by the Arts and Humanities department. In addition to visual arts classes like drawing, painting, sculpture and mosaics, music and storytelling workshops are offered as well. For more information about the Chickasaw Nation's Arts and Humanities department and its various workshops, visit


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Chickasaw Arts Academy

Laura Stewart, Executive Officer of the Division of Arts and Humanities
The Chickasaw Nation founded the Summer Arts Academy in 2005 to help students of all ages discover and nurture their passion for the arts.

The ARTesian Gallery and Studios

Laura Stewart, Executive Officer of the Chickasaw Nation Division of Arts and Humanities
The ARTesian Gallery & Studios in Sulphur, Oklahoma, offers visitors a unique way to connect with Chickasaw artists.

The Holisso Center

Mason Cole, Manager of Libraries, Archives and Research, The Chickasaw Cultural Center
Many visitors come to the Holisso Center passionate to learn more about the Chickasaw tribe or their ancestors.

Chickasaw Community Gardens

Rhonda Sellers, Ecological Resource Coordinator
The Chickasaws' deep relationship with nature continues to thrive today and still affects traditional food practices.

Creative Writing: Competitions, Workshops

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick describes the creative writing competitions and writing workshops that are offered by the Chickasaw Nation.

Senior Artist Workshop

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
Chickasaw elders can express themselves and make new friends through the Senior Artist Workshop program.