Medical Alert Program

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

The Chickasaw Nation considers its elders "living treasures" and is devoted to their health and well-being by offering programs and services to help them maintain their independence. As Chickasaw elders grow older and become homebound, the Chickasaw Nation's Medical Alert Program provides peace of mind for family members who are worried about their safety. Designed for elders age 60 or older who are homebound, live alone and have a history of falling, the Medical Alert Program provides a waterproof wearable alert system and pays the initial costs and monthly fees for 24-hour medical alert monitoring services. Worn around the neck or the wrist, the alert system will automatically dispatch emergency responders if an elder falls and does not press the alert button. Elders can also voluntarily press the button for immediate medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

To begin the application process, an elder or family member may call the Chickasaw Nation Aging Administration Office to schedule a home visit to assess the services needed. The specialist can also assist an elder’s family to receive a prescription from a doctor for the system. For more information about the Medical Alert Program, please visit or contact the Chickasaw Nation Aging Administration Office by phone at (580) 795-9790 or email at


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