Importance of My Native Language

Lisa Billy

When Lisa Billy's children reached school age, she knew they would never be taught the history of their own people if they were sent to public school. Instead, she opted to home school them to give them a better opportunity to learn about what it means to be Chickasaw, and to become speakers of their native language. Though Billy admits that it was tough to make ends meet on one income, she doesn't regret a thing.


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Keeping the Chickasaw Language Current

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy describes how she enjoys being both a student and a teacher of Chickasaw.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language

Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith says the Chickasaw language connects people to their heritage, and is something to be passed down from generation to generation.

The Origin of the Chickasaw Language

Joshua Hinson
Chickasaw is a language of the Muskogean family of Native American languages.

Survival of the Chickasaw Language

Catherine Willmond and Pamela Munro
Chickasaw is an endangered language, but its chances of survival are much better thanks to the life's work of fluent speaker Catherine Willmond.

Lessons of a Father

Lisa Billy
As far back as Lisa Billy can remember, her father placed a high value on education.