How Flutes are Made

Michael Cornelius

Michael Cornelius describes how flutes are made: though the river cane flute and the cedar flute look different, they both operate with two chamber, open-mouth construction. Enjoy his cedar flute performance of "Heart Whispers" ... a song that comes from the heart of a nation.


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Passing on Crafts to Family Members

Michael and Tim Cornelius
Michael Cornelius is a flute maker who specializes in crafting traditional Chickasaw flutes he constructs from river cane.

Making a Flute

Michael Cornelius
For more than 20 years, Michael Cornelius has been making traditional Chickasaw flutes.

Chickasaw River Culture

Michael Cornelius
Chickasaw flute player Michael Cornelius reflects on the origins of the flute and its significance to his tribal culture.

River Cane

Michael Cornelius
Before moving to the Oklahoma Territory, the Chickasaws of the southeastern United States were river people.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center: Traditional Village

Michael Cornelius, Cultural Activities Manager, Chickasaw Cultural Center
The Chikasha Inchokka Traditional Village is a unique recreation of a customary Chickasaw village made from native woods and river cane.