Discovering the Chickasaw Cultural Center

Lisa Billy, Representative, Oklahoma State House of Representatives

The Chickasaw Nation invites you to experience the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma, opened in 2010. It offers the opportunity to see, learn, taste, and understand every aspect of Chickasaw culture. To learn more or plan your visit, Check out


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Developing Tourism

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, Chickasaw Nation
Murray County, Oklahoma, is embracing new cultural tourism businesses.

Introducing the Cultural Center

Experience the Chickasaw Nation
Explore 7,648 square miles of lakes, landmarks and one-of-a-kind family attractions.

A Visit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center

Experience the Chickasaw Nation
Beautiful native stone and water features complement this enveloping tribute to the Chickasaw people's most honored tribal members.

Visiting the Chickasaw Cultural Center

Wendy St. Jean
Wendy St. Jean describes her first trip to the Chickasaw Cultural Center with her daughters & expresses her admiration for the interactive museum.

Chickasaw Cultural Center: Be a Part of the Journey

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Explore the Chickasaw Cultural Center. See its exhibits, storytellers, learn the language, walk the Sky Bridge and more.