Diabetes: An American Epidemic

In Honor of Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions, and in Oklahoma as many as 40% of Native Americans are impacted by the disease. But the news isn't all bad. Early detection and simple changes in how we eat and exercise will help combat and control this potential killer. Watch a special video series with new stories from experts and patients debuting all month in November on Chickasaw.tv. Learn about the National Indian Health Board's Special Diabetes Program for Indians at NIHB.org.


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What is Diabetes?

In Honor of Diabetes Awareness
Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose levels.

Diabetes: Diagnosis and Early Testing

In Honor of Diabetes Awareness
Type 2 diabetes used to be associated with adults but it has become more prevalent in younger and younger children over recent years.

Diabetes and Culture

Tina Cooper
Native Americans once felt that diabetes was something that was inherited and simply dealt with as best as possible.

Warning Signs of Diabetes

In Honor of Diabetes Awareness
The warning signs of diabetes will often sneak up on a person.

Diabetes is Not Our Destiny

In Honor of Diabetes Awareness
Join us on this mission for health, and make simple lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes from becoming a part of your destiny.