Composing in the Chickasaw Language

Jerod Tate

After winning a competition and receiving a commission by the National Symphony Orchestra to write a piece of music to be performed at the nation's capitol, Jerod Tate decided that he wanted the music to incorporate Chickasaw language as a way to represent his heritage.


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Musical Upbringing

Jerod Tate
Because both of his parents were involved with the theater, Jerod Tate grew up surrounded by classical music.

A Composer Emerges

Jerod Tate
As Jerod Tate started learning the songs and language of the Chickasaws, he began writing the music of his ancestors into his works.

Chickasaw Music

Jerod Tate
Traditional Chickasaw music features a leader that sings, and a group that responds to the leader.

Chickasaw Culture

Jerod Tate
Jerod Tate discusses the sense of community inherent in Native American cultures.

Jerod Tate: Chickasaw Arts Academy

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw composer Jerod Tate provides a brief history on how the Chickasaw Arts Academy became the successful program it is today.

Language Is Culture

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson describes the differences in English and Chickasaw pronunciations of native words & how certain words don't translate between the two.