April 1, 2016 – Chickasaw Bow Maker Ignites Hollywood

Chickasaw Nation News

Eric Smith of Lawton, Oklahoma, is a Chickasaw bow maker whose work was most recently featured in the three-time Academy Award-winning film "The Revenant." He crafts each piece by hand, using simple, timeless techniques to create his custom bows and arrows. He picked up the craft at age six from his grandfather, who taught him the importance of appreciating and taking care of the natural environment. Eric says his bows and arrows take on spirits of their own, each boasting individual elements and quirks. "The Revenant" filmmakers approached Eric because they wanted the props in the movie to be historically accurate and truly usable; he and his apprentice ended up creating 35 bows and 300 arrows in just three weeks. Eric says he is incredibly proud to represent the Chickasaw Nation in such a unique way.