Chickasaw Archaeologist

LaDonna Brown

As a Chickasaw and trained archaeologist, LaDonna Brown brings great knowledge and insight to any discussion of her tribal history.


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Rattlesnakes and the Horned Serpent

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna describes the connection between rattlesnakes and the legendary horned serpent – both of which dominate prehistoric artifacts.

Artifacts: Best Seen Where They Were Found

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna Brown describes the authentic experience is for mound visitors to see where an artifact was made and found, right at the mound site.

Artifacts from Moundville Site Excavations

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Archaeologists at most mound sites try to excavate only 5%-10% of the site to avoid destroying it.

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Carved from a single piece of stone, the Duck bowl was called "the most significant prehistoric artifact ever found in the U.S."