Camp Survivor: Overview

The Chickasaw Nation

Camp Survivor is all about growing up...growing up to be strong, healthy, happy Chickasaw men and women. The camp, for students age nine to thirteen, focuses on skills like fishing and boating, activities that reinforce health and nutrition, and most importantly, the camp gives kids the chance to learn leadership and sportsmanship. For more information, visit


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Camp Survivor 2011: Nutrition

The Chickasaw Nation
Vitamins, minerals and leafy greens aren't always appetizing for kids, but at Camp Survivor nutrition is a major part of the fun and friendship.

Camp Survivor 2011: Introduction

The Chickasaw Nation
Camp Survivor teaches more than just fun and games; it's teaches kids to become the Chickasaw men and women that will one day lead our nation.

Camp Survivor 2011: Counselors

The Chickasaw Nation
The things that have the biggest influence on students at the Chickasaw Nation Camp Survivor are the counselors.

Camp Survivor 2011: Activities

The Chickasaw Nation
At Camp Survivor, kids stay active from sun-up to sun-down, and they don't see a television or a video game all week.