Camp Survivor 2011: Introduction

The Chickasaw Nation

Camp Survivor teaches more than just fun and games; it's teaches kids to become the Chickasaw men and women that will one day lead our nation. This week-long overnight camp teaches nutrition, teamwork and Chickasaw history and culture in a summer, fun camp in Davis. For more information, visit


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Camp Survivor 2011: Nutrition

The Chickasaw Nation
Vitamins, minerals and leafy greens aren't always appetizing for kids, but at Camp Survivor nutrition is a major part of the fun and friendship.

Camp Survivor 2011: Counselors

The Chickasaw Nation
The things that have the biggest influence on students at the Chickasaw Nation Camp Survivor are the counselors.

Camp Survivor 2011: Activities

The Chickasaw Nation
At Camp Survivor, kids stay active from sun-up to sun-down, and they don't see a television or a video game all week.

Camp Survivor: Overview

The Chickasaw Nation
Camp Survivor is all about growing up...growing up to be strong, healthy, happy Chickasaw men and women.