Bill Bomar: Mounds at the Moundville Site

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture

Bill Bomar, Moundville Archaeological Park Director, explains the importance of experiencing the mounds themselves to understand the number, structure and sheer size of the Moundville site, with 28 mounds as a whole. He goes on to cite how visitors to the park get the chance not only to see the physical mound site, but they also get to learn the stories that help them gain an understanding of the culture of this prehistoric city and the historical significance that this area holds.


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Artifacts from Moundville Site Excavations

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Archaeologists at most mound sites try to excavate only 5%-10% of the site to avoid destroying it.

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Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Ancient mound civilizations built enormous earth works across southeastern North America.

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Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Carved from a single piece of stone, the Duck bowl was called "the most significant prehistoric artifact ever found in the U.S."