Embodying the Chickasaw warrior spirit

Hailing from Broken Arrow, youth wrestler Tohmi Carney has been competing for over five years and has already compiled an impressive array of victories. His middle name is Warrior, and he takes pride in participating in the Chickasaw warrior tradition. His dream is to wrestle for Oklahoma State University and to pursue excellence all the way to the Olympics.

According to Carney's wrestling coach, Shannon Morrison, the young man's fierce dedication and refusal to give up provide him with his competitive edge. But as soon as the match is over, Carney is quick to extend a handshake or hug to his opponent and uphold a high standard of sportsmanship.

Carney's weekends are often taken up by various regional, statewide and national tournaments, and in between he maintains a strict training regimen. For moral support, he relies on his family, who enthusiastically cheer "The Tohminator" as he strives to win.