A long-standing public servant who proudly passed his Chickasaw heritage down to his heirs

Thomas Thompson was born in 1865 and led a successful life and career as a long-standing public servant to his nation. Due to his guidance and wisdom, many members of his family have gone on to be successful Chickasaws in a variety of fields.

Working closely with former governor Douglas Johnston, Thompson helped protect the Chickasaw people before and after Oklahoma's statehood. He was also there to help members of the tribe register for the Dawes Commission.

Thompson was a clerk for the Chickasaw Supreme Court and a businessman, often partnering with Douglas Johnston. The two had many successful general stores.

His greatest achievement, as considered by some, are his descendants. His heirs include famous actress and performer Te Ata, as well as U.S. Representative Tom Cole. Thompson pressed for his children to know their heritage, and be proud of who of they are as Chickasaws. Thomas Thompson passed away in 1939.


  • Inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame in 2013