Highly accomplished and devout public servant to the Chickasaw people

Considered by many to be a devout servant of the Chickasaw people, Martin Van Buren Cheadle was an upstanding Chickasaw man. He was born in 1895 and spent his life and career as a clerk for several different offices within the Chickasaw Nation. He was able to preside over the Chickasaw Senate during the last session of tribal legislature before statehood.

Because of his stature and involvement with the Chickasaw Nation, he was pressured numerous times to run for governor. Though he declined every time, it was evident that he was highly sought after in political office. Martin Van Buren Cheadle died in 1976.


  • Served as a court clerk for the Chickasaw Nation
  • Served as clerk for the Grand Jury for the Chickasaw Nation
  • Served as clerk for the Chickasaw House of Representatives
  • Served as Secretary of the Senate for the Chickasaw Nation
  • Served as National Secretary and Auditor of Public Accounts for the Chickasaw Nation
  • Inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame in 2001