Famous for her rich Chickasaw heritage and vivid storytelling

Lynn Moroney was born in 1935 in Duncan, Oklahoma, and currently resides in Wilmette, Illinois. She is famous for her rich Chickasaw heritage and vivid storytelling.

Moroney studied storytelling under legendary Chickasaw performer Te Ata and has grown to influence Chickasaws and others throughout the world. Moroney made it her mission to share her work with children and worked closely with Chickasaw astronaut John Herrington to create an extensive NASA Outreach program called SkyTeller, which would focus on the art of storytelling through recorded programs.

Moroney served as the director of the Kirkpatrick Planetarium, providing regular programs on Native American sky stories and histories. Her varied career includes projects such as founding Wintertales, an annual, statewide storytelling workshop in Oklahoma City, as well as Territory Tellers, a storytelling organization.

She also presents workshops for NASA Outreach, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the International Planetary Society and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. When she isn't conducting her workshops or performing for audiences, Moroney spends her time writing books that translate the beauty of skytelling. Some of her well-known books include Elinda Who Danced In the Sky and Moontellers.

Moroney continues her Chickasaw storytelling legacy as an ambassador representing the Chickasaw Nation and Oklahoma, traveling the country to share her experiences and teach the importance of keeping culture thriving through stories.