Setting a positive example for others as a college athlete and man of faith

Jeremy Tims counts athletics, his faith and his heritage as some of the most important things in his life. Jeremy's great-grandfather, Jonas Imotichey, was a pastor, which had a strong impact on his great-grandson's future pursuits.

As a college athlete and a man of faith, Jeremy tries to set a positive example for others.

"The influence of an athlete is pretty powerful," he says. "If the athlete will use their influence for the good, then this world can change."

Jeremy is now a representative of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, an organization that works to share the Christian faith through the influence of coaches and athletes. He says that his first FCA camp was a truly life-changing experience, one that he is glad to repeat year after year.

Inspired by the community outreach efforts of the Chickasaw Nation, Jeremy says he works to imitate that spirit in his own personal walk.