One of the most honored professional wrestlers of all time

Born in Oklahoma City in 1941 and raised in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Freddie Joe "Jack" Brisco would go on to be one of the most honored professional wrestlers of all time.

Jack and his five siblings, including brother and fellow 2016 Chickasaw Hall of Famer Gerry Brisco, grew up with a love of athletics. Like his younger brother Gerry, Jack was talented in a variety of sports; he even declined a football scholarship to the University of Oklahoma to join the Oklahoma State University wrestling dynasty.

His decision certainly paid off. In 1965, Jack became the first Native American to win an NCAA wrestling national championship, and, also in his junior year, he won the NWA Missouri junior heavyweight title.

In 1973, Jack won his first NWA world championship in Houston, Texas, and over the years, he and his brother joined forces to win several tag team championships.

Jack died Feb. 1, 2010, leaving one of the most remarkable legacies in wrestling history and bringing enormous honor to the Chickasaw Nation in his achievements as a Native American wrestler.