A love for sharing her culture through songs, beading and traditional recipes

Irene L. Digby was born in 1921 in Fairview, OK, and graduated from Davis High School.

A distinguished Chickasaw storyteller, teacher and fluent speaker of the native language, Irene is highly regarded throughout the community for her knowledge of Chickasaw heritage. Not only does she perform traditional storytelling in local schools, but she also shares the culture through songs, beading and traditional recipes.

Irene has been featured in three books published by the Chickasaw Press, as well as in Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen’s acclaimed painting series, entitled Elders of the Chickasaw Nation, and in the documentary “Chickasaw Removal.”

She and her late husband, B.F. “Dick” Digby, have four children, 11 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. As a sign of respect, Irene is often asked by parents to provide Chickasaw names for their children.


  • Inducted into the Davis Alumni Association by Davis Public Schools for her charitable contributions, 2013