A member of the Dawes Commission who helped find fraudulent claims of Chickasaw citizenship

Peter Maytubby was born in Mississippi in 1837 and moved to Indian Territory with other tribes who migrated at the time. Maytubby was a full-blooded Chickasaw Indian and served as a captain for the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

After the war ended, Maytubby returned to his home to resume life as a farmer and cattle rancher. He was always involved with the people of his tribe. Maytubby was never too busy to lend a helping hand or be a part of a committee for the Chickasaw Nation.

He was a member of the Dawes Commission, and with his extensive knowledge of the Chickasaws, was a liaison to the U.S. government to help find fraudulent claims of Chickasaw citizenship.

He was elected governor of the Chickasaw Nation in 1906, but never officially took office.


  • Interpreter for the U.S. government and the Chickasaw Nation