The "Original Dynamic Woman" of the Chickasaw Nation

With a dynamic career filled by teaching and giving to others, Geraldine Greenwood touched the lives of many. She had a strong faith in her Baptist beliefs, and this was evident by how she treated those in her life.

Born in 1926, she was raised throughout Oklahoma. She graduated from Carter Seminary and pursued her master's degree in education at East Central University. As part of her efforts to preserve the Chickasaw culture, she developed a Chickasaw language curriculum to be used at different universities. Not only an educator, Greenwood was also an interpreter.

Geraldine was a member of the Chickasaw Language Committee, and this helped her preserve the language until her death in 2007. She was loved by many and inspired all those she came in contact with until her passing.


  • Inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame in 2001
  • Honored as the “Original Dynamic Woman” of the Chickasaw Nation