Celebrated art historian and philanthropist who has never lost sight of her Chickasaw heritage

Dr. Margaret Flansburg, a celebrated art historian and philanthropist, was born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma.

She received her bachelor's degree in painting from the University of Oklahoma in 1958. After graduating, she traveled the country exhibiting paintings and drawings at many distinguished museums and competitions, where she won several awards. In the summers Dr. Flansburg traveled to Italy, where she would find the meaning behind iconic art of the Catholic Church.

Upon earning a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Renaissance Italian Studies from the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Flansburg served as a full professor in the Department of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) for more than 20 years as well as acting assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts. She was also an adjunct art history professor at Oklahoma City University (OCU). During her time at UCO, she was awarded emeritus professor status before retiring in 2001.

In her field of study, Dr. Flansburg has published numerous acclaimed articles, chapters and books in her field, and has served in multiple leadership roles, including being a board member of Wilson Arts, a foundation that helps a neighborhood public elementary school find arts programs.

Throughout her career, Dr. Flansburg has won several awards for both her art and scholarship, and has been honored with induction into the Duncan Public Schools Foundation Hall of Fame.

While earning these accomplishments, Dr. Flansburg has never lost sight of her Chickasaw heritage, passing along that pride to her children and grandchildren.