No Stranger to Hard Work and the Chickasaw Warrior Spirit

Lawton, Oklahoma native Dallas Sealey is the ultimate football fan—he grew up with a football in his hands, he says, and was also named after his now-favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. His Chickasaw heritage is also near and dear to his heart; he describes being incredibly close to his grandpa, a full-blood Chickasaw, who instilled traditional native values in him from a young age.

It was his grandpa, in fact, who gave Sealey his signature spiky, flat-top haircut. Abilene Christian University Assistant Head Coach Josh Lamberson recalls telling Dallas that he "didn't necessarily look like a typical clean-cut, All-American boy." Sealey smiled at Lamberson and said, "Coach, you know, I really don't want to."

Sealey describes the competitive nature of college football as being second-to-none, but as a Chickasaw, he says, he's inherently a fighter, survivor and never gives up. His ultimate advice is to "never let anyone outwork you."

"Dallas is a leader by example," Lamberson said. "He's one of those guys who's going to work extremely hard. He has that ability to pull the best out of people."