Award-winning professional football player

Former quarterback for the Baylor Bears and starting quarterback for the New York Jets, Chickasaw citizen Bryce Petty is no stranger to the concept of hard work and a good challenge.

Originally from Midlothian, Texas, a town not far from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Bryce grew up as a kid with a great deal of energy who could always be caught rough-housing with his dad. Football had been a major part of his life, but once he became more devoted to the sport in high school and college, he questioned whether it was the right path for him.

Even so, his Christian faith and persevering nature led him through his doubts, he said, and he learned a lot about himself in the process. Bryce says his adversities are part of what defines him as a person – he counts it as an honor to have Chickasaw blood flowing through his veins, along with the history of a resilient and unconquerable people.


  • 4th Round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft
  • Played three seasons with the New York Jets, including as starter
  • Heisman Trophy candidate
  • All-American candidate
  • 2013 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year
  • 2013 Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award
  • Entered the 2014 season owning 17 school records
  • Led the 2013 Baylor team to a school record 11 wins and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl