Chickasaw sisters and accomplished American quarter horse riders

Sisters Addison and Abbey Kliewer have had a passion for showing American quarter horses since their earliest years growing up in Cordell, Oklahoma. Addison first rode a horse when she was four, and Abbey first rode a horse when she was six.

Addison says that living up to the example set by her sister is difficult because Abbey, she raves, is a natural. In her first year attending the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, the largest quarter horse show in the world, Abbey actually won the entire competition. But the sisterly love goes both ways. Abbey gushes that she is "so proud" of Addison, who finished in the top 10 in three classes at the AQHYA Youth World Show in August 2015. Outside of showing horses, Abbey is an avid reader and Addison plays basketball and runs cross-country and track at Cordell High School.

Both girls count their Chickasaw heritage as a privilege and blessing. They were raised to work hard in everything that they do, and they say it's inspiring to come from a long line of people who share the same values.