2018 Hall of Fame

They walk toward excellence where others stand still, leading by quiet example while teaching us that a life journey well-traveled is better than any destination of accolades. Join us in honoring the 2018 inductees to the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.

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Jerry Brown

A patriotic WWII veteran with deep Chickasaw roots
Jeraldine "Jerry" Brown said it was her Chickasaw family members who taught her how to love life.

Kennedy W. Brown

A pillar of his community and of the Chickasaw Nation
Following decades of work for the Chickasaw Nation, the late Mr. Brown went on to be elected its lieutenant governor.

Bill Kinney

A worldwide leader in auditing and accounting research
Dr. Kinney is a professor who has become a legend in the accounting industry.

Lila Dean McManus

A dedicated public servant for the Chickasaw Nation
Mrs. McManus was a long-time member of the Chickasaw Nation Legislature and other representative bodies.

Joe F. Moore

A computing pioneer for the petroleum industry
Mr. Moore applied his knowledge of computer modeling to the process of oil refining.