2013 Hall of Fame

They walk toward excellence where others stand still, leading by quiet example while teaching us that a life journey well-traveled is better than any destination of accolades. Join us in honoring the 2013 inductees to the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.

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Colbert Latimer "Bud" Baker

Embodied the entrepreneurial spirit of his heritage by leading his family-owned company
He is the founder of Chickasaw Distributors, Inc., an officially recognized Native American company.

Betty Ruth Kemp

Career librarian with a passion for educating others about Chickasaw history
She spent most of her career as a librarian, with the intent of educating others about Chickasaw history.

Benson Pikey

A prominent public servant who established Pikey's Crossing
Pikey was an active member in the Chickasaw House of Representatives, and established Pikey's Crossing.

Gene "Nashoba" Thompson

A patriot for the United States and for the Chickasaw Nation
Eugene "Nashoba" Thompson is a patriot for the United States and for the Chickasaw Nation.

Thomas Benjamin Thompson, Senior

A long-standing public servant who proudly passed his Chickasaw heritage down to his heirs
Thompson led a successful life and career as a long-standing public servant to his nation.