2013 Hall of Fame

They walk toward excellence where others stand still, leading by quiet example while teaching us that a life journey well-traveled is better than any destination of accolades. Join us in honoring the 2013 inductees to the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.

Colbert Latimer "Bud" Baker

Embodied the entrepreneurial spirit of his heritage by leading his family-owned company
He is the founder of Chickasaw Distributors, Inc., an officially recognized Native American company.

Betty Ruth Kemp

Career librarian with a passion for educating others about Chickasaw history
She spent most of her career as a librarian, with the intent of educating others about Chickasaw history.

Benson Pikey

A prominent public servant who established Pikey's Crossing
Pikey was an active member in the Chickasaw House of Representatives, and established Pikey's Crossing.

Gene "Nashoba" Thompson

A patriot for the United States and for the Chickasaw Nation
Eugene "Nashoba" Thompson is a patriot for the United States and for the Chickasaw Nation.

Thomas Benjamin Thompson, Senior

A long-standing public servant who proudly passed his Chickasaw heritage down to his heirs
Thompson led a successful life and career as a long-standing public servant to his nation.