Tom Cole: One of the Only Native Americans in Congress

Tom Cole

Tom Cole shares his experiences as one of the only Native Americans in Congress, and explains why he feels that he has a duty to represent the Native American population as a whole.


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Tom Cole Represents All Native Americans

Tom Cole
Tom Cole explains how he tries to balance the needs of his Oklahoma constituency with the needs of his "unofficial" constituency.

Creating an Opportunity Society

Tom Cole
Congressman Tom Cole explains why he feels that it's important to use the success of the nation to make citizens proactive, rather than dependent.

Growing Up With a Chickasaw Mother

Tom Cole
Tom Cole illustrates his experience of growing up with a Chickasaw mother.


Tom Cole
Tom Cole discusses the ways in which Chickasaws do not fit the traditional American Indian stereotype.

Setting a High Standard, Giving Back

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy expresses her appreciation for those who have become pioneering leaders in their respective fields.

A Bridge Between Governments

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In administering federal programs, the Division of Self-Governance connects the tribe with federal resources.