The Chickasaw Nation: KCNP Radio

Brian Brashier

The community radio station of the Chickasaw Nation, KCNP is designed to enlighten, engage and entertain. A wealth of both national and locally produced content is broadcast 24 hours a day, accompanied by a diverse selection of music the whole family is sure to enjoy.


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Media Properties

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
The Chickasaw Nation has improved its facility for radio operations for its commercial stations KADA, KYKC, KTLS and KXFC.

March 1, 2011 – KCNP's "Connections"

Chickasaw Nation News
KCNP is the Chickasaw Nation's community radio station.

A Voice at KCNP

Tishia Agee
Tishia Agee got her start in radio at a small 3,000-watt radio station in Ada, Oklahoma, and it gave her the training to move on to bigger markets.