The Chickasaw Honor Guard

Mike Reed, Chickasaw Nation Honor Guard

Through a special program led by a group of devoted individuals, the Chickasaw Nation works hard to honor military veterans from all walks of life and from anywhere in the country. The Chickasaw Honor Guard provides its services at military funerals and memorials, wherever they may be, and also participates in parades, powwows, tribal ceremonies and functions, patriotic activities and in sit-down educational sessions at elementary schools. For more information about the Honor Guard, visit


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Chickasaw Farms

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
Citizens who own their homes are eligible to receive free landscaping through Chickasaw Farms.

Chickasaw Community Gardens

Rhonda Sellers, Ecological Resource Coordinator
The Chickasaws' deep relationship with nature continues to thrive today and still affects traditional food practices.

Over 35 Years of Progress

Linda Robins
The Chickasaw Nation has experienced stability in leadership, which helps all programs and services continue to grow.