Physical Therapy

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

Physical therapy helps people of all ages heal from musculoskeletal injuries, neurological trauma and other conditions, from fractures and orthopedic surgery to strokes or COPD. The Chickasaw Nation offers robust rehabilitation services to help individuals experiencing pain and mobility issues work towards achieving short-term and long-term recovery goals. A team of dedicated therapists works closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans including strength, balance and coordination exercises, manipulative therapies and other rehabilitation activities. Services are available on an inpatient basis at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center or outpatient basis at Chickasaw Nation clinics in Ardmore, Purcell, Tishomingo and the Ada Wellness Center.

Physical therapy services are offered to Chickasaw citizens or patients with a referral from a doctor. For additional information about physical therapy, please visit


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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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