Overcoming Skepticism

Linda Robins

The goal of the educational programs in environmental services is to combat apathy to worsening environmental effects, as well as practical solutions to create a positive impact on the land, air and water. New programs are always in development to protect the earth for future generations.


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Environmental Education

Linda Robins
Education is vitally important to reverse trends that have a negative impact on our land, air and water.

Goal of Environmental Services

Linda Robins
A plethora of events and services organized and maintained by the Environmental Services promotes green living to take better care of the earth.

July 1, 2011 – Environmental Camp

Chickasaw Nation News
At Environmental Camp, Chickasaw kids learn how the earth works and about their role in keeping her beautiful.

Environmental Camp: Learning about Water Treatment

The Chickasaw Nation
One field trip during the 2011 Environmental Camp, took kids to the Ada water treatment facility.