Lighthorse Special Teams

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

Chickasaw Lighthorse Police have been pursuing peace and justice in their community for longer than Oklahoma has been a state. Today, the Lighthorse Police Department's special teams continue to serve and protect civilians across 13 counties by carrying on the legacy of officers who bravely kept Indian Territory safe more than a century ago.

Lighthorse special teams include dive, SWAT and specialized patrol teams that utilize a K-9 unit. These elite tactical forces require highly trained officers who can be deployed at a moment's notice for high-risk situations and times of emergency. The dive team specializes in rescue missions, search and recovery, evidence retrieval and more while the SWAT team’s tactically trained officers respond to high-risk incidents and calls from local partner law enforcement agencies. The Chickasaw Nation's law enforcement officers far exceed the minimum training requirements and special teams always look for motivated, highly driven people with a strong moral character that go above and beyond. "Here at Lighthorse ... the governor has set a very high standard for us," says Commissioner Randy Wesley.

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