Lighthorse Police: SWAT Team

Brent Harper

The Lighthorse Police Department's SWAT Team handles the dangerous and the difficult ... and they do it with advanced military-style training. In addition to their regular patrol in Chickasaw Territory, these special officers also practice additional procedures, exercises and routines to prepare them to handle the toughest situations that could arise.


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The SWAT Team

Thomas John
The Lighthorse Police SWAT Team responds to high-risk situations that require specialized training and weapons.

Lighthorse Police: Officers on the SWAT Team

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
Because of the potential for high risk situations in law enforcement, the Lighthorse Police Department established its own SWAT team.

High Standards for the Lighthorse Police

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
The Lighthorse Police Department of the Chickasaw Nation prides itself on its highly trained officers.

The History of the Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
Before statehood, when this was Indian Territory, officers of the law would ride alone or with a partner and were known for their mobility.

Progressive Lighthorse Police Department

Jason O'Neal
The Lighthorse Police Department has a historical name ... and it has all the modern tools of law enforcement.

The Lighthorse Communications Division

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
In the past, an answering service was used to field calls to officials from the public.