Hayaka Unta Family Camp

Kevin Tiger, Youth Activities Manager

Hayaka Unta Family Camp gives Chickasaw youth and parents the opportunity to share quality time together enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. Covering approximately 2,042 acres, Hayaka Untu is held at scenic Camp Simpson in Milburn, Oklahoma each spring and fall. With no need to pack for your stay, the Chickasaw Nation staff will provide everything your family will need—from camping gear and supplies, to meals, drinks and sporting equipment.

A variety of exciting and challenging activities, such as hiking, fishing, archery, rock wall climbing, canoeing on the lake and skeet shooting are offered in a safe and enjoyable setting away from life’s daily distractions. Hayaka Unta Family Camp also gives families an opportunity to explore their Chickasaw culture playing stickball and participating in traditional stomp dances.

For for more information, please visit Chickasaw.net.


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