Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

If you believe that you have Chickasaw ancestry, you may initiate the process of applying for citizenship. To be eligible, you first need a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, or CDIB card. To obtain one, you must have ancestors who are listed in the Dawes Rolls, the registration lists used for the Native peoples who were relocated to Indian Territory. Genealogical research may be necessary to discover the ancestors' names. Once they are located, the CDIB Office will determine your blood quantum (degree of Chickasaw ancestry) and will issue a card that makes you eligible to apply for citizenship. The Chickasaw Nation does not recognize dual citizenship, so applicants who are enrolled with another tribe will have to relinquish that citizenship in order to be considered. Chickasaw citizens can apply for their children to receive CDIB cards after birth so that they may apply for citizenship as children. There is one citizenship application for minors and one for adults, and citizens should update their status upon becoming adults. Please submit a copy of a current color ID along with the application. To learn more about citizenship cards and how to receive one, visit