Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

The Chickasaw Nation invests in the youth of today through programs and services like the Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi Youth Leadership Program. Chikasha Pehlichi Ikbi, or "Creating Chickasaw Leaders," creates strong, confident Chickasaw youth by providing students the opportunity to obtain leadership and cultural knowledge. Designed for Chickasaw young men and women enrolled in high school, or a high school equivalent, members of the program refine their knowledge of Chickasaw culture, learn about other American Indian cultures, develop life, social and financial skills, perform duties focused on servant leadership and prepare for higher education to help them grow and become resourceful, impactful young adults. During the program, which spans from October to July, students meet once a month for personal development courses, as well as once a month for hands-on activities, from learning how to create portfolios, resumes and applying for scholarships to volunteering at regional food banks, donation drives and more.

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