Chickasaw Nation Community Health Representatives

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

If you come in contact with a Chickasaw Nation Community Health Representative (CHR), then you know you'll be receiving the best in personalized care. Medical professionals refer patients to CHRs, who then come to patients' homes to educate them about their diagnosis and the best treatments available. CHRs are major advocates for patients, acting as intermediaries with doctors and ensuring transportation for appointments. For more information about this program, visit


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Chickasaw Nation Wellness Centers

Derek Hamilton, Ardmore Wellness Center Manager
The Chickasaw Nation Wellness Centers provide a built-in support system to help those looking to make health a priority, and everyone is welcome.

Chickasaw Nation Transportation Services

Angie Gilliam, Director of Transportation Services
The Chickasaw Nation’s Transportation Services program assists citizens who need help getting to various appointments.

Psychosocial Unit

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Psychosocial Unit provides judgment-free support for a wide range of cognitive and emotional issues.