Car Seat Safety Program

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

Ensuring the safety of the next generation is of utmost importance to the Chickasaw people. That's why the Chickasaw Nation is proud to offer a robust car seat safety program for all Chickasaw families. The Chickasaw Nation Car Seat Safety Program provides free inspections of child passenger seats and parent education regarding proper fit of car seats, laws and regulations and vehicle safety.

During car seat checks, a certified passenger safety technician ensures the child safety seat is properly installed in the vehicle, the seat correctly fits the child and the seat is in good condition. Common installation mistakes include loose belts, incorrect shoulder strap position and using incorrect belt paths. Chickasaw Nation child care staff members have completed training and earned certifications specific to Oklahoma state vehicle safety laws. The inspections are performed by appointment and during scheduled community events.

Car seats are also available for Chickasaw citizens who have recalled, outdated or wrong-sized seats. For additional information about the car seat safety program, please visit or call (580) 421-7711 to schedule a free car seat safety check.


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