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3 Episodes

Stickball Sticks

S4 • E8
Chickasaw artisan Clovis Hamilton is honored and humbled to craft stickball sticks, used to play the traditional Chickasaw game.


S1 • E17
In Episode 17 of Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, members of a Chickasaw family talk about stickball.

Stickball Sticks

S1 • E2
Chickasaw citizen Jesse Lindsey is a fifth-generation artisan of stickball sticks.


7 Videos

Youth Stickball Team

Stickball is known as one of the oldest sports in the United States; warriors once used the game to settle disputes rather than waging war.

Stickball: A Traditional Game Known as Little Brother of War

1m 30s
Hermann Trappman, Historian and Artist, explains how Chickasaws and other tribes played the ancient game of stickball.

Chickasaw Language Camp: Stickball

Learn words and phrases in the Chickasaw language with on-screen "Anompa pop-ups" as you watch this video from Language Immersion Family Camp.

The Game of Stickball

Josh Hinson describes the two different kinds of stickball traditionally played by the Chickasaw people.

Cultural Center Stickball Demonstration

History lives on through live demonstrations at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Eddie Postoak: Stickball and Other Games at the Chickasaw Cultural Center

Chickasaw Cultural Demonstrator Eddie Postoak describes the ancient game of stickball.

Hands-On Demonstrations at the Chickasaw Cultural Center

1m 30s
Cultural Demonstrator Eddie Postoak describes the rewards of being able to engage visitors in traditional Chickasaw activities.