A tribal reserve with traditional Chickasaw dwellings

Kullihoma is located between Ada and Allen on Highway 1. It was established after the passage of the Indian Welfare Act of 1936. Today, Kullihoma covers more than 1,961 acres.

Kullihoma means "red springs" in the Chickasaw language and was named after the red waters that came before a storm. It is an area rich in Chickasaw history, culture and tradition.

Near the stomp dance grounds are several replicated traditional community structures that Chickasaw ancestors constructed and used during the Mississippian cultural stage throughout the Homeland (consisting of parts of present-day Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee). These structures include a council house, raised corn crib, winter and summer houses.

Kullihoma remains important to the Chickasaw people and serves as a place to gather, reunite and carry on traditions.