Honors the Chickasaws' rich history and located in Chickasaw Nation's historic capital city

The Chickasaw Nation Historic Capitol and Council House are located in Capitol Square in Tishomingo, Oklahoma—the Chickasaw Nation's historic capital city.

The Chickasaw Council House Museum honors the rich culture of the Chickasaw people and features one of the largest collections of Chickasaw art and cultural artifacts. Admission is free, and tours are open to the public, chronicling the history of the Chickasaw Nation. The museum includes various exhibits on the Chickasaws' removal from tribal lands to their settlement in Oklahoma. The genealogy research center and the tribe's 1853 log council house (where the tribe's 1856 constitution was signed) are also featured on the premises. The museum's gift shop includes Chickasaw pottery, jewelry, beadwork and various works created by Chickasaw artists.

The Historic Capitol Building, which was completed in 1898, is located right next door to the Chickasaw Council House and Museum. The building was created with red granite from a nearby tribally owned quarry and features a Victorian Gothic design. It boasts three stories and an impressive dome on the top of the structure. The Historic Capitol Building functioned as the seat of the tribe’s government until Oklahoma achieved statehood.