Dedicated to showcasing the flora, fauna, fossils and historic peoples of the state of Florida

The Florida Museum of Natural History, located in Gainesville, showcases some of the rich historical occurrences that have taken place within the boundaries of the state. It is the official natural history museum of Florida.

The museum was founded in 1891 and reestablished in a different location in 1906. In 1988 it changed to its current name, from Florida State Museum, to avoid confusion being affiliated with Florida State University.

The role of the museum as defined by a Florida statute is "to make scientific investigations toward the sustained development of natural resources and a greater appreciation of human cultural heritage ..." This is the basis for the museum's duties.

There are several different halls and research centers at the museum, but one in particular is the South Florida Native American Legacy Gallery, which showcases artifacts, customs and the tribes that lived in South Florida. It represents some of the most rare and interesting objects in the South Florida collections.

The museum also has an exhibit that highlights the South Florida Indian People of our current era. This refers to the tribes and people that still reside in South Florida, along with their customs and ingenuity. There are plenty of other exhibits, from those featuring de Soto to Florida archaeology.