Rosetta Stone Chickasaw was created through a collaboration of Chickasaw fluent speakers, Chickasaw linguists and the award-winning Rosetta Stone team especially for you, the people of the Chickasaw Nation. With over 65,000 citizens but fewer than 50 native speakers, the Chickasaw Nation hopes this program will help to preserve the language for generations to come.

Eighty immersive lessons are available now to enable you to learn conversational Chickasaw phrases used in daily life, and 40 more lessons will roll out next year. Work through the lessons at your own pace, and remember, practice makes perfect!

Led by Joshua Hinson, Director of the Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program, Rosetta Stone Chickasaw relied on the expertise of native speakers Rose Shields-Jefferson, Stan Smith and Pauline Brown with a special thank you in memory of Jerry Imotichey, whose guidance helped make Rosetta Stone Chickasaw possible.

Meet the cast of Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, nearly all of whom are non-native speakers:

Jason Eyachabbe plays Ben, the father. Members of Jason’s family, including his grandparents, are native speakers, but in his role, Ben has yet to learn to speak Chickasaw.

Jariah Eyachabbe plays the son, Nashoba. Jariah has some experience speaking key Chickasaw phrases, but he is still learning.

Mother and daughter Kara and Nevaeh play Lisa and Taloowa. Both had limited language experience prior to this project.

Rose Shields-Jefferson plays Lily, the grandmother. Having grown up speaking only Chickasaw, Rose is a fluent speaker and serves on the Chickasaw Language Committee, helping to set standards for components of tribal language and publications.

Everyone is invited to submit an application to access the full curriculum.

Chickasaw citizens can apply for free access to the service online.

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For employees and the general public, there is an associated cost. Please click on the link below to find more information and to apply for a license.

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