U.S. Veterans Reflect on WWII

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day

Meet four Chickasaw citizens who proudly served their country during World War II.

Beaulah Shavney

S5 • E3
Beaulah Shavney describes her experiences as an original member of the Women's Army Auxiliary during World War II.

Thelma Chincie Ross

S8 • E2
Chickasaw elder Thelma Chincie Ross was a World War II Code Talker Administrator.

Jerry Brown: Evolving Roles for Women

Meet Our People – The Enduring Spirit of the Chickasaw Nation
At 95 years old, Chickasaw citizen Jerry Brown isn't slowing down.

Nathaniel Thomas

S14 • E3
After WWII, Chickasaw citizen Nathaniel Thomas answered God's call and became a minister.