Tennessee became the 16th state, with borders that encroached on Chickasaw lands guaranteed in the Hopewell Treaty. Even as Chickasaws continued to defend the U.S. in the War of 1812 and Creek Wars, demonstrating loyalty and skills as warriors, land cessions and actions towards Mississippi statehood intensified.

The death of Washington and the impact of Jefferson's civilization program set the stage for the passage of the Indian Removal Act under Andrew Jackson. Chickasaws' lives in their ancestral homelands drew to a sorrowful close.

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President Andrew Jackson

The architect of the Indian Removal Act
Andrew Jackson was our seventh president and a forceful proponent of Indian removal.

Levi Colbert

A prominent negotiators and interpreters who fought for the Chickasaw people
Colbert was an early leader of the Chickasaw people and was also a prominent negotiator and interpreter.


This influential Chickasaw is remembered as one of the last hereditary minkos
Tishominko was admired for his integrity and wisdom, and he was a well-respected leader.