Nations Collide

La Salle launched a vigorous campaign to claim the Mississippi River basin for France. Meanwhile France, Britain and Spain continued to compete for tribal alliances, expand their hold on land, and gain access to waterways. Desperate for firearms to defend themselves against raids from northern enemy tribes, the Chickasaws developed an affinity for the British and their supplies. The British, with colonies on the distant Atlantic coast, sought to strengthen their Chickasaw ties and help support the tribe's role as a powerful obstacle to French expansion.

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James Adair

A relationship with the Chickasaw people that lasted more than two decades
James Adair was an English trader who lived among the Chickasaw tribe and was especially fond of the Chickasaw for their loyalty to the English.

James Logan Colbert

Known for marrying into the Chickasaw tribe and being a friend to native people
James Colbert was a trader with the Chickasaw Nation who married into the tribe and was a compassionate friend to the Indians.

Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville

Led the attack against the Chickasaws in the Battle of Ackia
Bienville was a French explorer of the New World in the 1700s and established himself in Louisiana Territory.

Pierre D'Artaguiette

French army officer known for his valor during the Natchez War
A French army officer known for his valor during the Natchez War who later became the commander of the Province of Louisiana's Illinois District.